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A typical day in our workshop right before packing and shipping. Let me show you what we have on the picture. As we seldom have a large number of the same propellers in production, here you see not only propellers for all kind of aircraft, but also to all kind of destinations, horsepower or applications. Seen from the top: France 130 hp Jabiru engine, experimental aircraft, second is Switzerland, 17 hp Solo engine, ultralight aircraft, then a paramotor propeller shipped meanwhile to the UK, more paramotor propellers, shipped to Germany and below you see a paratrike propeller for an austrian customer owning a Hirth engine plus all the way down a propeller for a german customer and a Visa engine. Our customers propellers are all custom made. Rarely do we have two of the same at the same time in production. Our propellers are as individual as your wishes.

Les mots clés thématiques associés au site sont : conception, helice, allemagne, ulm Microlight, avion

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Born Propeller

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