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Ambri Airport

RSS Ambri Airport
Ambri is a former Swiss Airforce airbase, built during WWII and dismissed in 1994. It was home of the Fighter Squadron 8, who was flying C35 - Morane - Messerschmitt ME 109 - Mustang - Vampire DH100 - Venom DH 112 and Hunter MK58. Located in the middle of the Alps, it was considered one of the "rockiest" airports of the Airforce. Its runway, 3300 ft a.s.l, is 7000 ft long and surrounded by 8000 ft tall mountains. All fighters , troops and tactical buildings were located in the bunkers underneath the mountains. Ambri Airport is a Swiss general aviation airport. It located near the village of Ambrì, in the municipality of Quinto, canton of Ticino. Ambri serves the surrounding area and is home to a gliding school, a helicopter base and has sufficiency for VFR flying.

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Ambri Airport

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