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Gyro Air Displays

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Gyro Air Displays. Bringing the Display to the Crowd - The Theme is 'Up Close and Personal' - 50m from the crowd, 100ft up, lots of waving and hands off flying, bringing the fun and personal feel back to shows. Not something flashing by 1/2 a mile away and gone in 10 seconds!! Fun stuff, good old 'Barn Storming' flying. Almost everyone can remember 'Little Nellie' from James Bond - You Only Live Twice. Well, now we have the very latest Autogyro to display, the Routine is a flat none aerobatic display with lots of crowd interaction, putting a smile on their faces

Les mots clés thématiques associés au site sont : aircraft, meeting, autogire, ulm Microlight, aviation

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Gyro Air Displays

Commentaires: Gyro Air Displays

Mike Arnold a écrit, 22-10-2017 |
Absolutely brilliant display, so close and so agile, Loved it and would recommend it to anyone.

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