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Constructors Of Military Aircraft. Restauration d'appareils de la première guerre. Meetings, photographies d'époque. We endeavour to maintain absolute authenticity with the original design. We make both airworthy and static aircraft for museum display and private collections. Our engineers look after, and operate, the WW1 aircraft owned by the 1914 -18 Aviation Heritage Trust. The Vintage Aviator Ltd. (TVAL) has been working closely with the NZ CAA to fulfil it’s obligations as a certified aircraft manufacturer. TVAL Gained CAA approval and was issued it’s Part 148 Manufacturing Organisation Certificate on May 10, 2007. It is probably unique within the world aviation community due to the fact that it solely manufactures aircraft from the 1914-1918 period. We work under strict CAA mandates, codes and systems, and CAA regularly audits our systems and procedures. Safety is paramount.

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