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Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines

RSS Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines
Welcome to Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines's web site. We are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly Air France and its alliance partners' routes using Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 or Flight Simulator X. We are in no way affiliated with Air France. Since May 2003, we have received over 1,271,779 visits and received 38,493,777 hits. During this time, our servers have sent out over 1,303,149,394,043 bytes worth of data. Our members have posted over 116 messages in our discussion forums in the past 24 hours. Our web server has been running for 2 days , 11 hours and 19 minutes. Please feel free to browse around our web site. Once you join Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines' active pilot roster, you may submit flight reports and contribute to our image library. If you are interested in a serious virtual airline, designed for both the experienced pilot and the novice (and all of us that are in between!) we welcome your interest.

Les mots clés thématiques associés au site sont : compagnie, simulateur, civil, aviation

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Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines

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