Installation manual UL520 engines. ULPower Six Cylinder Engines Available Now! A look behind the ULPower production site. We have created a small video about how ULPower aero engines are being built, going from design, production, assembly, testing, packaging to “ready-to-fly”. Modern technology, direct drive, air cooled, multipoint electronic injection (FADEC), excellent power to weight ratio & high fuel efficiency. ULPower sells all engines complete with accessories such as alternator, regulator/rectifier, stainless steel exhaust, fuel pump and filters included in the basic price (please keep this in mind when comparing our engine price with others). To completely install the engine (as with any engine), additional items such as fuel lines as well as probably an oil cooler and all the connections to go with these are needed. Most of these items will depend on the aircraft and your personal choice. If you have a good idea of the accessories you need, you can save on shipping costs by getting us to send these parts together with your engine. Keep in mind we have some standard kits available which should have all the right items you need to install the engine.

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