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Paragliding and hang gliding reviews, news, techniques, travel and adventure. Cross Country has been reflecting our passion for free flying since 1988. The magazine is now read by paraglider and hang glider pilots in 75 countries. Our printed magazine has the highest production qualities, and you can read our digital version on your Ipad, phone or laptop. Cross Country is essential reading for all pilots wanting to fly better and safer. With contributors like Bruce Goldsmith, Kelly Farina and Honza Rejmanek, Cross Country gives the absolute latest knowledge in this fast-moving sport. Cross Country's reviews aim to get under the skins of the newest gliders to help you make a more informed choice. We also review harnesses, instruments and other essential new gear. However, Cross Country's soul is in the adventure and freedom of flying. As pilots, it's a passion we share, and our magazine serves like a campfire that we can all gather around to swap stories. Whether it's intoxicating tales from Brazil or the Himalayas, first-hand accounts of record-breaking flights or simple stories of unexpected moments in this extraordinary sport, Cross Country aims to convey that feeling of being up there, in the moment, doing what we adore. Meanwhile, correspondents bring news, reviews, opinion and insightful comment on the latest happenings in the free flying world.

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