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Editor: Tor Idar Larsen, writer, photographer for www.spitfirepilots.com and published author.

Background info: Grew up with aviation and aviation artwork, and inherited plenty of the interest from my father. Attended first airshow in 1992, watching a Hanna dogfight in a Spitfire and a Buchon at Gardermoen, Norway. Saw “Battle of Britain” about 100 times before reaching the age of 15. Flew RC models planes at a young age, and later took up the hobby again in 2008. As the years have progressed, I have taken a keen interest in historic aviation and published my first book in 2009. Since 2005, I have been to every Flying Legends airshow at Duxford. I focus plenty on the men involved – past and present, and in the strong symbolism that lies in seeing a Spitfire or other aeroplanes from that era fly.

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Spitfire Pilots

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