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MILAVIA is dedicated to military aviation. We offer a broad range of military aviation related content for the aviation fan. The Air Shows section provides the airshow calendar and air show reports with photos of the flying displays. The Aircraft directory focuses on modern combat aircraft; fighters, ground attack aircraft and bombers in past and present service. The Air Forces section provides focus articles on some rarely covered air arms. The Specials section has various military aviation articles and photo reports covering exercises, units, and more. And there is much more! Enjoy!

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Mon Jodel 185
La remise en état de vol pas à pas de ce beau Jodel D185 après un accident...
Marmottes Volantes
Les Marmottes Volantes Vols en ULM dans les Hautes Alpes(05); Alpes de Haute Provence(04) et la...
Wing Walkers
Wing Walkers ! Wing-Walkerin und Stunt-Frau seit 1999... hat Erfahrungen bei über 600... annuaire aéronautique Aviation
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